Inspection Services

Hadron provides Inspection services to global customers for their supply products and projects at the manufacturers, retailers, traders.

Inspection, Assessment


Why Inspection?

The globalization of supply chains is increasing due to economic growth in the world and emerging markets. This expansion increases business speed and global competition. By the nature of competition and speed, with the tightening of cost analysis, product, and service quality decreases due to production cost reduction by the manufacturer.

In global supply chains, financial losses of delayed, defective, or incomplete products are difficult to be compensated due to part needs of production or construction, customs constraints, and high return costs.

Supply products that are not delivered in the required quality, quantity and on time also create financial losses such as manufacturing interruption, labor costs, business failures, product return costs, market losses, storage costs, and unexpected future costs.

The smooth and effective running of supply chains or projects depends on supplied products that were delivered on time in the required quality and quantity.

We present Second and Third-Party Inspection services to our customers for their products in supply chains or projects. We help our customers to avoid possible problems, to keep their interests, to develop their product and business quality.

Hadron - Supply Chain Inspection


Supply Inspection

We provide inspection services on supply products throughout the production and logistics duration as per customer requirements, checklists, specifications or international standards.

Basics of Supply Inspection

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EPC Project Inspection

We present our inspection services throughout project stages that from the procurement to the closing-out of EPC projects. Our inspection services are available for stakeholders that owners, contractors or subcontractors of EPC projects.

Basics of EPC Project Inspection

Hadron - Testing Analysis Inspection


Analysis & Testing Inspection

Even if the products appear to be good condition and defect-free, all quality tests must be carried out at the production stages by the manufacturer in order to prove the product quality and tests should be inspected by an independent Third-Party body.

We provide inspections of wide range tests during manufacturing of our customers’ products in accordance to international standards, ITPs or customer requirements for an optimum product lifespan.

We are third eye of tests and its processes, in zero inaccuracy purpose. Supply Inspection and EPC Project Inspection services also include Analysis and Testing Inspection services.

Basics of Analysis & Testing Inspection

Protective Coating Inspection


Protective Coating Inspection (PCI)

The coating quality of the surfaces, a key factor for lifetime of the products and reducing future maintenance costs.

We provide inspection services for the protective coating and painting processes of the products on manufacturers, vendors and EPC projects as per international standards, customer requirements or specifications.

Supply Inspection and EPC Project Inspection services also include PCI services.

Elements of PCI

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