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We provide Inspection, Expediting, Assessment, Surveillance, Consultancy and Data Feed services throughout the supply stages of industrial products for the manufacturers, contractors, stakeholders, retailers, traders, dealers or EPC projects. We help to customers to avoid possible supply problems, to keep their interests, to develop their product and business quality. Our services enable to improve product quality, ensure business sustainability, reduce supply risks and unexpected further costs.

We operate in Turkiye, Georgia and Azerbaijan, for now.



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Hadron Aerospace Inspections

Aerospace & Defense

Hadron Agriculture Inspections


Hadron Automotive Inspections


Hadron Building & Construction Inspections

Building & Construction

Hadron Commodity & Mine Inspections

Commodity & Mine

Hadron Consumer Goods Inspections

Consumer Goods

Hadron Electrical & Electronics Inspections

Electrical & Electronics

Hadron Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utility

Hadron Food & Beverage Inspections

Food & Beverage

Hadron Furniture & Furnishing Inspections

Furniture & Furnishing

Hadron Luxury Goods & Jewelry Inspections

Luxury Goods

Hadron Machinery & Equipment Inspections

Machinery & Equipment

Hadron Manufacturing Inspection Services


Hadron Marine Inspections

Maritime & Offshore

Hadron Medical & Healthcare Inspections

Medical & Healthcare

Hadron Metal & Alloys Inspections

Metal & Alloys

Hadron Chemicals Inspection

Plastics & Chemicals

Hadron Railway Manufacturing Inspections


Hadron Soft Goods Inspection

Soft Goods

Hadron Supply & Retail Inspections

Supply & Retail

Hadron Textile Inspections

Textile & Fabrics

Hadron Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Please note that the industries are depends on our services ranges. The industries may be variable as per products and international standard requirements. The industries of the products and suppliers we serve are defined according to reference criteria such as control parameters, checklists, and specifications. Please Contact us to learn details for which services are available for each industry.


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