Assessment Services

Hadron provides Assessment services on the suppliers, manufacturers and vendors throughout the supply stages of industrial products for the manufacturers, retailers, traders or EPC projects.

Inspection, Assessment


Why Supplier Assessment?

Responsibility to the Earth

The insufficient suppliers without any sustainability metrics are harmful for our home: The Earth. That’s no matter where suppliers or buyers live in the world, the impact is global in both present and the future. The quality of products starts from root policies, statements, certifications, implementations and measures of suppliers.

Our supplier assessment services provide our customers with a sense of responsibility for the planet, as well as improving product quality and cost reduction. A liveable nature heritage for the future generations is primary global responsibility of humanity.

Supply Chain Safety

Timely delivery in required quality and quantity. The key factors of a supply chain.

Even a single supplier provides delayed delivery, incomplete or defective products causes supply chain safety to fail: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

Management of timeline, providing required quality and quantity of products or services starts from root policies, statements, certifications, implementations, and measures of suppliers.

We present our Third-Party assessment services for the supply chain safety of our customers. Our assessment services ensure the improvement of continuity, stability and security metrics for the supply chains of our customers.

The key outputs of our assessment services:

  • Choosing the right supplier or vendor
  • The primary prevention of future problems
  • Protection of customer interests
  • Developing product and business quality
  • Environmental awareness


Within our assessment service, suppliers are evaluated before and throughout the business duration as per international standards, customer requirements.

Hadron - Essentials of Assessment


Elements of Assessment

Qualification Audit

Supplier, vendor, manufacturer or subcontractor qualification audit is a key point for business performance on duration of project. Costs, failures, problems are reduced if the right supplier is on-board. We provide to find optimum business partner for supply chain of our customers.

Sustainability Audit

Sustainability audit covers all responsibility factors of suppliers towards the public and environmental ecosystem. We evaluate the compliance of suppliers with social, environmental, legal and ethical criteria.

Pricing Evaluation

At the beginning of business project, analyses of prices that offered by suppliers or vendors may take a long time and may have analysis inaccuracy, if the purchasers have no local third-party partner.

We help purchasers in researching and optimization of prices, value chain assessment, quotation of products and services that offered by suppliers or vendors on local marketplace. Research results, calculation details, price, product and competency benchmarks are presented to the customer.

Please remember that “Profit begins with purchasing”.

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