Testing Inspection

We provide Analysis and Testing Inspection services on incoming raw materials, semi-finished or finished products and installed equipment throughout the manufacturing stages of a supply chain or EPC project for our customers.

We are third eye of tests and analyses in zero inaccuracy purpose.

Destructive Testing Inspection


Destructive Testing Inspection

Destructive Tests (DT) called also material tests are intended to define the material grade, mechanical behaviour and chemical composition. DTs are usually performed as mechanical tests and chemical analyses by the manufacturer before the mass production of the goods due to risk of large cost losses.

We provide DT inspections with our experienced and qualified teams to ensure base material quality as per required standards and norms.

Elements of DT Inspection

Non-Destructive Testing Inspection


Non-Destructive Testing Inspection

Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) purpose detection of surface or internal defects on inspected products without affecting the integrity and future operating performance of the test materials. NDTs are not require sampling and machining on material, tests can be applied on main material directly. In most tests, devices or tools are portable, it is convenient for test locations that were not ease to access. NDT applications require to operators must be well trained.

Our experienced team are qualified to inspect NDT examinations, witnessing and monitoring of tests, reviewing of test records and evaluating of results as per ITPs, specifications or related standards. This inspection service is applicable for steel-alloy based material tests.

Elements of NDT Inspection

Protective Coating Inspection


Protective Coating Inspection (PCI)

The coating quality of the surfaces, a key factor for lifetime of the products and reducing future maintenance costs.

We provide inspection services for the protective coating and painting processes of the products on manufacturers, vendors and EPC projects as per international standards, customer requirements or specifications.

Supply Chain Inspection and EPC Project Inspection services also include PCI services.

Elements of PCI

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