Data Feed Services

Hadron provides Data Feed services for customers that need to track production and logistics progress in their supply chain management.

Data Feed


Progress Tracking

Why Progress Tracking?

Our customers need to access the fabrication and shipment progresses of products for optimization their supply chain, prevention possible problems and delays. We present our progress tracking services on Production and Logistics phases of our customers’ supply chains. 

We have solutions in progress tracking as manually and autonomous. Our manual or autonomous progress tracking services are specified according to the industry of goods,  production requirements and customer needs.

Hadron - Manual Tracking


Manual Tracking

The production progress data are gathered by our inspectors on manufacturing and shipment stages such as prefabrication, fit-up, assembly, coating, packing, transportation and shipping etc. The output data is published to our customers in daily and weekly reports.

The manual tracking is applicable in almost all industries include specific productions.

Hadron - Autonomous Tracking


Autonomous Tracking

The data input of production progress are conducted on the stages such as prefabrication, fit-up, assembly, coating, packing etc. The output data is forwarded automatically to ERP database of our customers’ supply chain management system.

Hadron - Tracking Benchmark


Manual vs. Autonomous Tracking

Input Accuracy

Manual 95%
Auto 85%

Input Speed

Manual 75%
Auto 90%

Input Completeness

Manual 95%
Auto 85%

Output Scalability

Manual 85%
Auto 95%

Output Speed

Manual 80%
Auto 95%

Output Consistency

Manual 90%
Auto 90%

Use Case Range

Manual 95%
Auto 60%

Transfer to ERP

Manual 60%
Auto 95%

Setup Cost

Manual 20%
Auto 95%

Operating Cost

Manual 90%
Auto 15%

Overall Cost (5 years)

Manual 75%
Auto 70%