EPC Project Inspection

Hadron provides EPC Inspection services throughout the building of EPC projects on site or on project suppliers.

Hadron - EPC Project Inspections


EPC Project Inspection on Site

We conduct inspection services for the construction of EPC projects from kick-off to closeout stages on project site as per specifications and international standards. The inspections of incoming equipment, installation, fit-up, welding, assembling, commissioning works are carried out by our site team.

Throughout the construction of EPC projects, we witness Destructive or Non-Destructive tests that were conducted by DT/NDT examination suppliers and we evaluate results as per project specifications and international standards.

Benefits of site testing inspections;

  • Compliance of the project with the standards,
  • Solid evidence of the project quality and safety,
  • Acceleration in stability of project progress,
  • Prevention of future problems, costs, losses.

Elements of Construction Site Inspection

Hadron - Supply Chain Inspection


Procurement Inspection

As the biggest challenges of an EPC project, delivered products or services with non-conformity can not return to the supplier due to failing risk of project progress timeline.

Supplier bodies or materials, equipment, products, services that provided by suppliers of an EPC project may require to be assessed and inspected as per project specifications and standards on the supplier location before or  in duration of project.

Elements of Procurement Inspection

Please learn more about Procurement Inspection in our Supply Chain Inspection services.

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Please note that the EPC projects which include-process-operate-resell-transport for the following industries are not applicable for our services due to high environmental risks to the future.