Key Benefits

Learn about key benefits that define how we help to improve the businesses of our customers.

Hadron - Cost Saving


Cost Saving

Quality, quantity and delivery problems that arise on products in supply chain management result an increase in costs throughout the lifespan of the products.

The compensations of cost losses are not applicable for poor quality product, especially in overseas supply chains. The overall business and time losses cannot be compensated even if the supplier dispatches new products to replace poor quality products.

With our services, the possible problems in supply chains and products are avoided and our customers save the current and further costs.

Hadron - Integrity



We attach high importance to business integrity and service stability according to our Corporate Compliance Program. Our policies agree to be included in the international regulations. Reliability, one of our 3Rs core values, based by our business integrity.

Hadron - Liable Service


Liable Service

The liable service is our primary benefit definition, we are in awareness of what the world loses beyond than a product when it was not manufactured in required quality.

Production, transportation and delivery of poor-quality products create environmental losses and risks either direct or indirect due to reasons such as the inability to use, return of the products, low product lifespan. This also means wasted energy for our home: The Earth. With our liable service approach, our customers have basic benefits such as developed quality, reduced environmental risk, saved cost and value-added service delivery.

Hadron - Business Momentum


Business Momentum

With our services, we aim to eliminate the problems in the supply chains and to ensure that the suppliers deliver the products with improved quality, complete and problem-free. Thus, our customers carry out smooth business.

Hadron - Reporting



Our daily, weekly or monthly reports are published to customers professionally and comprehensively. Hadron has a developed activity recording system and advanced reports that include media, processed and visualized data. Our customers keep track of their business progress via our regular reporting.

Our report templates are presented to customer before the business start and can be customized on-demand of customer and business requirements.

Hadron - Support



Our aftersales support is price included and focused on total customer satisfaction. Started projects end when the customer was satisfied in Hadron’s business scopes.