Hadron provides Inspection, Assessment, Surveillance, Consultancy and Data Feed services throughout the supply stages of industrial products for the manufacturers, contractors, retailers, traders or EPC projects.


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Why our services?

How long is the lifetime of the product you purchased? Do the products meet your requirements and expectations? Are you sure the product cost is completed? How much will your products cost you in total?

Does your supplier on the planned schedule and in the required quality of your orders or project? Have you ever checked that the defective, incomplete, or delayed products increase financial losses in your supply chain or project?

What if we make you remember that the poor-quality products mean waste of energy for our planet due to early ending of product lifetime? Or does your supplier a compliant to environment? Even if your location is in another continent, isn’t the Earth small enough for the impact of the supplier’s environmental irresponsibility?

Hadron’s services enable to improve product quality, ensure business sustainability, reduce supply risks and unexpected further costs.

Let’s open more why our services required in Business, Safety and Environment essentials.


A success key of the management of a supply chain or a project depends on supplied products that were delivered on time in the required quality and quantity.

In global supply chains, financial losses of delayed, defective, or incomplete products are difficult to be compensated due to part needs of production or construction, customs constraints, and high return costs.

Supply products that are not delivered in the required quality, quantity and on time also create financial losses such as manufacturing interruption, labor costs, business failures, product return costs, market losses, storage costs, and unexpected future costs.

Our services provide to upgrade product quality, business sustainability and reducing supply risks.


The safety obligation of manufactured products is an important point of international standards and codes. Our services help our customers to save physical integrity and reducing financial risks and costs that may arise from the lack of safety of the products.


Our services improve the quality of products that touch humankind environment: The Earth. Poor quality products mean waste of energy for our planet due to early ending of product lifetime. We are in awareness of responsibility to the nature for to support high quality products.

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Please note that the industries are depends on our services ranges. The industries may be variable as per products and international standard requirements. Please Contact us to learn details.

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How we serve?

We carry out our services on the products as per customer requirements, standards or codes. Our service procedures, templates are applicable to present for our registered customers.

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Where we serve?

Our services are conducted on each process of industrial product locations of suppliers, manufacturers, sellers, subcontractors, transporters. 

We serve in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

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