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is a Third-Party enterprise that provides Inspection, Assessment, Surveillance, Consultancy and Data Feed services on vendors, suppliers or contractors for buyers.

Hadron provides advanced solutions in;

  • Inspection services on products during manufacturing and QA/QC processes,
  • Assessment services for conformity of supplier, vendor or manufacturer,
  • Surveillance and monitoring services on a production or project progress,
  • Consultancy services in supplier search, productivity scaling and industrial investments,
  • Data Feed services for a supply chain as sustained raw or infographic data

for customers that have;

  • Ordered and purchased products of a supply chain or a project,
  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects.

Why Our Services?

How long is the lifetime of the product you purchased? Do the products meet your requirements and expectations? Are you sure the product cost is completed? How much will your products cost you in total?

Does your supplier on the planned schedule and in the required quality of your orders or project? Have you ever checked that the defective, incomplete, or delayed products increase financial losses in your supply chain or project?

What if we make you remember that the poor-quality products mean waste of energy for our planet due to early ending of product lifetime? Or does your supplier a compliant to environment? Even if your location is in another continent, isn’t the Earth small enough for the impact of the supplier’s environmental irresponsibility?

Hadron’s services enable to improve product quality, ensure business sustainability, reduce supply risks and unexpected further costs.


Our Story

The world communities could not regulate high global population increase yet. The resources are still running out rapidly, no worldwide plan seem how to optimize the consumes. Regardless of industry or category, every product that is produced in poor quality and is wasted early is a risk for the future. Also means wasting of resources and total energy.

Throughout years of observations by stakeholders of Hadron in industrial productions and its inspections, it was observed a major challenge the products are manufactured in poor quality due to the lack of control, the inadequacy or irresponsibility of the manufacturers. The poor-quality products create cost loss for buyers in case of early ending of product life, also increase pollution risks for environment.

As a conclusion, Hadron Information Systems is a new-born enterprise to help customers in the mission of solving these root issues of sustainability and product quality in global supply chains.






Ali Osman Yaşar

Mechanical Engineer Industrial Inspector Founder

İshak Güleç

Senior Consultant & Assessor

Bilal Kurt

Industrial Pipe Inspector

Hadron Team - Kemal Uzgas

Kemal Uzgaş

Industrial Pipe Inspector


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We operate in Turkey and Georgia for now.