Learn about our introductions of values, mission, vision and more business cores.

Introduction, Values



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Reliability, Responsibility, Rapidity: Genesis core codes of Hadron.

Business integrity, impartiality, corporate obligations and service delivery rapidity are our primary values.

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Hadron accepts inevitability of technology evolution in rules of universe. We embrace evolutionary change, promoting implementation creative ideas, progressive momentum and constantly thrive. We take pride in improved quality of our works.

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No discrimination at gender, physical appearance, race, language, religion and other human values on wherever Hadron’s presence. Never share posts, declarations or ideas that including specific community events such as national, political, religious contents.

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Growth Ethics

Responsible to the nature and humanity. Growth strategy within sharing, helping and sustainable expansion approach, without being only profit-oriented. 

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Our codes, principles and plans do not contain supernatural, metaphysical, mythical, fortuity or randomness components. This is one of the reasons why our corporate name is on scientific basis.

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“Respect first” for sustainable business. Respects to humanity, to environment, to partner or competing parties as well as business means achievement of common purpose that total quality assurance.

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Promoting positive, energetic, optimistic environment to our teams and stakeholders. Strong dynamism of business. The matter is stand up and run again.

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We observe environmental and scientific developments for business plans on even next home-planets, on immortality of humankind, on transhumanism and beyond.

Hadron - Mission



Hadron purposes

  • Providing advanced services on products and projects,
  • Minimize supply chain risks and future costs,
  • Creating a smart-sustained data feeding

for customers.

Hadron goals value-added outputs to customers in global supply chains by inspection, assessment, audit, consultancy, analyzing and research services. Hadron integrates to vendors, manufacturers and contractors to help buyer customers, review their options and make well-evaluated decisions.

Hadron - Vision



Hadron is dedicated

  • to improve product quality awareness for the sustainable energy consumption,
  • to build the most dynamic and tech-driven data network for global supply chains,
  • to develop global business reliability for planet Earth sustainability.


Hadron’s vision empowered by environment sustainability and future of humankind. In Industry 4.0 and beyond, Hadron defined itself as a visionary of optimizing the current and future uses of energy. In this context, direct funding support as donation to non-profit organizations that conducting energy education, nature conservation, scientific research studies are establishment philosophies of Hadron.